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What was North Texas Housing Market’s Performance in June 2017?

Things to look at…

  • Average Sales UP 8.2% in June
  • Average Days on Market 36
  • Average Sales Price greater then $300,000
  • Sold Homes for the month tops 11,400



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2017’s Best City to Invest in Housing?

Forbes 2017 prediction may be dead on.  Forbes predicted Dallas will be the best city in America to buy a home.  In 2016, Forbes named Dallas the 6th best city in America to buy a home.  According to Forbes, Dallas is expected to grow the most of any city in its new ranking in 2017.

  • Forecasts anticipate a 6.2% three-year population growth
  • 3.9% Job gains last year
  • 9% Annual home price gains last year

The State of Texas holds the top spot on 2017 Forbes List As far as cities ranked by Forbes in Texas, Fort Worth came in at No. 9 with San Antonio at 20.  Some of the factors that has led many to relocate to the Lone Star State contributes to affordable housing and job opportunity.

If you are interested in investing in the best city in America, come see me soon!

Source: Best City to Invest in Housing in 2017?

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Top 10 Ways to Attract Summertime Buyers


Mary Davis

1.  Manicured Lawn—The first impression of your home is your landscape.  Mow the lawn weekly. Add extra mulch to the planters. Store away any extra hoses, toys, chairs, gardening tools, & anything odd decor i.e. that pink flamingo.  Power wash driveways, sidewalks, and porches.

2.  Fresh Flowers—Add bright colored flowers near sidewalks and driveway entrances, under trees, around the pool, and around the front and back porch. Adding a vase or two of fresh flowers inside will bring life inside the house as well.

3.  The Perfect Porch—Brighten up your outdoor sitting areas with colorful rugs and coordinating pillows. Throw a tablecloth and a place setting on the outdoor dinning table. Make sure the outdoor furniture sparkles. Try to create an outdoor space that feels like a little resort or a spa retreat.

4.  Quenching Beverages—On the kitchen island, provide a large bowl with bottled water and other refreshing beverages on ice for weary home buyers.

5.  Keep the Climate Cool Indoors—Turn down the AC a degree to two an hour before a showing. It will keep your guests lingering. Turn on all ceiling fans to circulate air and prevent a stuffy room. Walking into a stale warm room is a huge turn off for any buyer.

6.  Keep it Natural— Add scents from fresh flowers or lemon.  A vase or two of fresh flowers adds life, beauty, and a lite natural scent to a home.  In the kitchen, add natural lemon to the garbage disposal.

7.  Open Houses–Open your doors and make your home easily accessible for those vacationers in town.  Guests from out of town wanting to live closer to their loved ones are more available for open houses then other times of the year. Hold open houses and be ready for showings later in the day during cooler twilight hours.

8.  Decorate with Summer Flare—Work with what you have but try to bring in some summer hues of calming blues. Add a splash of color on beds and couches with some fun accent pillows. Place higher quality brandname items strategically to give the impression that the house is of higher quality too.

9.  Brighten up with Natural Sunlight—Open up the widows if it is pleasant enough outside to bring in fresh air. If it is to uncomfortable to do so, then raise the blinds or tie back the curtains and show off the beautiful views and filter your room in bright natural sunlight.

10. Declutter and Organize—Don’t cramp your space. Instead show off your space by having it organized and 1/3 full.  Using my 1/3 rule of the space in closets, drawers, and cabinets will really show off the space and organization of a home.


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Mary Davis, Realtor®

I’m passionate about real estate and helping people transition. I have lived in Southlake for 10 years, and I am excited to see the changes and growth that continue to draw people to the area.

I’m no stranger to the moving process. I have called Chicago and Seattle “home,” along with numerous North Texas cities, including Allen, Keller, McKinney, Irving, Plano and Wylie. Due to these many moves and my experience in the market, I offer a unique perspective that helps my clients feel confident and happy about their home purchases.

Buying or selling a home is one of the most important decisions that people make, and I love helping clients find the perfect match for their future. My goal is to provide the most outstanding service, as well as housing options that will make each member of your family excited about their future.

Throughout each of the businesses that I’ve run, family has been an important focus. Maintaining and keeping a home for my family is what motivates me to help others find a place they can call “home.” It’s human nature that people want to feel at “home,” and I believe there’s no more important role than serving the residential real estate needs of others. My extensive business experience has provided me with a passion – and eye –  for customer care and attention to detail.

Whether you are buying or selling, there are a number of key components to getting exactly what you desire. I pledge to focus on delivering the right options to help bring your desires to reality. Let me help you develop the vision for your real estate needs!

Mary Davis’ Website



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